centrifugal-pump-training-programSAMCO offers a centrifugal pump training programme designed to enhance workforce competency by providing engineers, plant operators, maintenance personnel, and anyone else who is involved in the design, selection, installation and maintenance of pumping systems, with a fundamental understanding of the different types of centrifugal pumps and systems available, as well their applications.

We are passionate about advancing knowledge through educational support that provides measurable benefits for our clients as well as their customers. One of the problems that the industry faces today is that younger engineers are expected to know everything concerning pumps and pumping problems, however, this generally only comes with years of experience. In our training programme, our certified trainers work with learners to share their accumulated experience using both theoretical and practical training methods.


Practical Centrifugal Pump Theory

The pump training programme has been formulated by combining the practical experiences that have been encountered in the sugar, paper and chemical process industries in the past to provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of centrifugal pumps, from selection right through to troubleshooting.


Course Overview

  • Understanding the basic units of measurement used
  • Basic fundamentals
    • Head
    • Capacity
    • Power and efficiency
    • Basic impeller types
    • Simple NPSH
  • Reading a pump curve
  • Basic rules for pump selection (including examples)
  • Generating and understanding a system curve
  • System curve variables
  • Options to change pump performance to meet the system requirements
    • Throttling
    • Bypass line
    • Speed control
    • Effects of trimming the impeller
    • Underfiling of the impeller
  • Pump set installation
  • Alignment
  • Piping design
  • Understanding cavitation / air entrainment / NPSH
  • Basic sealing options
    • Packing
    • Dynamic seals
    • Mechanical seals
  • Self-priming system guidelines
  • Troubleshooting a pump problem
  • Understanding the basic pump selection programs

The module typically takes under a full day depending on the interaction requirements, including time for discussion and questions. Delegates will receive accompanying notes and all presentation material. Certificates of attendance can be provided on request.

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