Fairfield Dairy was established some 30 years ago in Howick, KZN, and have been at the current plant for 12 years, and is currently managed by Andy van Vuuren.

The Certa pump is only the second pump of its kind to achieve eHedg type EL Aseptic accreditation. This Certa 400 is the first unit in South Africa and replaces a previous unit which suffered from cavitation, resulting in frequent downtime to polish lobes. The drivetrain of the predecessor was also problematic in terms of spline wear, etc. Andy is pleased with uncomplicated design of the Certa, which is less demanding in terms of maintenance.

The Certa pump has proven to be extremely reliable and efficient. Currently installed on the yoghurt line, the unit transfers and impressive 8t of product per hour.

The low cost of ownership on the Certa is motivating the customer to purchase a new unit to replace AODD’s, the maintenance of which is proving to be very costly.


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A leading KZN dairy has purchased a new MasoSine Certa pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, one of only two such pumps on the market to have achieved EHEDG Type EL Class 1 - Aseptic certification.

The company demonstrated the pump at the KZN Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE) held in Durban recently, along with local agents SAMCO Pumps.

They revealed that the Howick-based dairy purchased the pump after being impressed with its performance during a 30-day trial. It will be used in the production of yoghurt products.

For food industry customers, the benefits of Aseptic Certification include the fact that the pump is self-draining, has a reduced CIP cycle time and requires lower amounts of cleaning agents.

The move to achieve certification responds to a strong demand from customers for a solution suitable for aseptic packaging. Globally, this market is reported to be worth over US$ 28 billion in the food, dairy and beverage markets. It includes ‘bag in a box’ products such as carton drinks, fruit juices, milk, custard and sauces.

Increasingly, food companies are keen to manufacture under aseptic conditions in the quest for extended shelf-life without the need for additives.


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Salesman Gustav Gelbert (wearing mask) and Plant Manager Andy van Vuuren.