SAMCO Pumps (Natal) (Pty) Ltd is one of the leading pump suppliers in South Africa with a comprehensive range of pumps supplied to the  water and wastewater industry. One of the features that sets us apart from our competitors in this sector is our value adding services and solutions. We offer rental and repair services to make sure you’re covered when the need arises.

There was a recent incident in the Richards Bay area where those services were called upon. The municipal pumps had failed and authorities were concerned that sea water would end up in the town’s municipal water supply, rendering it dangerous for drinking and household uses. We knew the implications this could have and were therefore quick to react in order to avoid it. We installed very large diesel driven rental pumps within a week to ensure that the Richard Bay Municipal Area had sufficient water supply without interrupting the lives of residents.

This is just one of many examples where the value added solutions of SAMCO Pumps have played an important role in avoiding situations that would have disrupted the lives of residents and could have led to dire consequences. We also supplied the Ladysmith and Ezakheni municipality area with quality rental pumps when they were experiencing a water pumping crisis.
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